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Rev. Clarence A. Maddy

Assistant to Bishop Osie England

Builder and Herald of Intercession City


Rev. Clarence A Maddy

(July 3, 1898 - September 24, 1953)

Clarence Allison Maddy was born July 3, 1898, in Gallia County, Ohio. He was a student of Miss. Osie England and later became her associate at the Household of Faith and President of the West Virginia Training School which included an orphanage, Bible training school for ministers, missions training center, and homes for the elderly in West Virginia, Florida and Kentucky. He was a gifted writer, teacher, administrator, editor, and businessman. Mr. Maddy helped negotiate the purchase of 5,000 acres and buildings in Interocean City for $100,000 worth one million at the time (1934). He also purchased many hotels in Florida for the elderly. Rev. Clarence Maddy authored the life story of Osie England (Book of Osie or The Life of Bishop Osie England by Clarence Allison Maddy published by Sanford Builder, Sanford, FL). He also co-authored Discipline of the Household of Faith Missions (1933 and, 2nd Edition 1954 by Clarence Allison Maddy and Osie England). Later Mr. Maddy married Miss Ruth Dixon. Miss Dixon was Principal of the school when Miss Osie labored at Intercession City and later when the school moved to Fellowship Front, Sanford. When the government took over the property there, she came with the school to Ormond Beach. Mr. Maddy died in 1953, one year after he married Miss Dixon.

It was Rev. Clarence Maddy who had the vision had a vision of a large place with spacious buildings on it. At the time called Interocean, Florida’s biggest ghost town: On November 24, 1934, while the Great Depression was at its worst, a group of people departed from Point Pleasant, West Virginia for Florida. Miss Osie England, the leader of the group, was accompanied by one of her former students, Mr. Clarence Maddy and others. Mr. Maddy suggested that due to the cold winters and the expense of heat they should go south to a warmer climate and locate a winter home. Orphanage workers and 40 orphans were loaded into 2 trucks and several cars. The group arrived at Apopka, Florida approximately 20 miles northwest of Orlando and set up camp at a Tourist Court. Mr. Maddy began his search for a suitable place to settle. The situation turned for the worst when Miss Osie announced that they were down to 70 cents. Before her announcement Osie had spent many nights in prayer when she was down to her last dollar. An all day and all night time of intercessory prayer and fasting was initiated. Desperate people in a desperate situation prayed all night and the Lord answered with a vision of where to go. During the time of prayer and fasting Mr. Maddy had a vision of a large place with spacious buildings on it. Osie England and Clarence Maddy immediately began their search for the place described in his vision. They did not have to go far. Interocean City was just 40 miles south, located seven miles southwest of Kissimmee, Florida on Old Tampa Highway and South Orange Blossom Trail. It was the location of the former boom town that had fallen prey to the stock market crash of 1929. It consisted of several buildings including an unfinished hotel, an apartment building, an administration building, about 6 residences, and other unfinished buildings.

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