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Pioneer Family - Intercession City



             Lawrence H. Weaver

                   (1906 - 1989)

Pictures from Dad's photo album discovered in May  2016.  After Bishop Osie England secured  Interocean City she returned to Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  The following year (1935) she brought a number of pioneer families with her.  My Dad was among them.   He

later married my mother Lillian Myrtle (Gray) Weaver.  Wesley J. Weaver Author

We do not know how my father met Osie England in Point Pleasant, West Virginia nor his position with the various ministries established there – church, orphanage, missionary training school, etc. – whether a staff member, a student, or a worker.  We do know that my father grew up in Ohio not far from Osie England and his family had connections with the Wesleyan faith. My father’s oldest brother and his wife were Methodist, and both attended Ohio Wesleyan University.  Osie held many Camp Meeting Revival services throughout Ohio and I would assume my father attended one of her Tabernacle meetings and perhaps became a born-again believer through her ministry. Practically all of her staff members originated from Ohio.  As you can observe on the map, Point Pleasant lies on the West Virginia side of the Ohio River near southern Ohio not far from the Columbus, Ohio area where Osie and my father grew up. 


Lawrence Weaver was skilled in construction and painting.  He built several houses  and did commercial painting in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Orlando, and other cities throughout Central Florida. No doubt he and other pioneer families, as well as, local workers helped Osie England and Clarence Maddy turn Florida's number one ghost town into a beautiful city of prayer during the late 1930s and 1940s. He received five acres of land in Intercession City from Osie England  and built a log house on the property where we lived until I was three years of age. 


Log home built by my father Lawrence Weaver on five acres of land off Wooten Rd in Intercession City.

Wesley (approximately three years old) seated at front of scooter with his brother Larry behind him.

Some of the buildings painted by Lawrence Weaver in Central Florida while living in Intercession City.

Lawrence H. Weaver

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