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God's Vision of Intercession City

The Eight Needs of the City are Represented by the Eight Gates of JerusalemIntercession City Was Known as the Spiritual Capital and Jerusalem of Florida (Measurably the Very Center of Florida - The Heart of Florida)  The Prayers of the Intercessors Will Open the Gates for the King of Glory to Enter

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The following DECREE was compiled by Intercessors throughout Florida for Intercession City to LIVE AGAIN.  It was read and decreed daily during the 100 DAY Prayer Revival under the Tent from April 21 through July 30, 2019, in Intercession City.

John 17:21 Father God we come to You as one in Christ, as one with You Father, and as one with one another for Your plan, Your call, Your purpose upon Intercession City.

Psalm 24:7 We cry out, “Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in, 24:8 Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. We open the gates to Intercession City to usher in the King of Glory.

Ezra. 4:3 We Your people are building a house of prayer in Intercession City unto the Lord our God. 4:4 Our hands are strong to build and we shall not be troubled in the building of this city. 4:5 There shall be no counselors hired against us to cause trouble in the re-building of Intercession City nor to frustrate God’s purpose. 4:12 We are setting up the walls and joining the foundation. Ezra 5:5 We decree that the work shall not cease for Your eye, O God is upon this work. 5:11 We are the servants of You, Father God of heaven and earth. We are re-building the house that was built these many years ago. 5:12 But after the house was built our fathers sinned and provoked the God of heaven and the house of prayer was destroyed and the people scattered. 5:13 But Father repentance for the sin of Intercession City has been granted and the order to build again was given in the year of 2017.
Ezra 6:1 Father the records have been searched and the original purpose and call upon Intercession City made known. Now Father according to Your call upon Intercession City, Amos 9:11  We thank You for  raising up the tabernacle of David that was fallen and closing-up the breaches. Father, we thank You for building it as in the days of old. 9:14 Father, we thank you for  bringing again Your people to Intercession City, and that they are rebuilding this city. 9:15 Father, we thank You for planting them upon this land and that they shall no more be pulled out of this land which You have given to them.

Ezra 6:5  Heavenly Father, we thank You that all treasures removed from this city are being restored and brought again to the house of prayer in Intercession City. 6:8 We thank You Father that all provision needed for the completion of the House of Intercession is being supplied so that the work not be hindered. 6:10 That sacrifices of praise and petition, of sweet savors of sacrifice be made unto You, God of Heaven and earth. 6:12 That Your Name shall forever dwell here. 6:22 Lord, thank you for making  us joyful and for turning those in authority unto us to strengthen our hands in the work of the house of God.

Isa.60:1 Intercession City! Arise! Shine! for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. 2b the Lord shall arise upon you. 3. the people have come to your light and officials to the brightness of your rising. (they shall come to see what is happening here in Intercession City).
Isa 61:2 We proclaim this is the acceptable year of the Lord. 61:3 Intercession City is the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified. 61:4 We are building the old waste places and  raising up the former desolations, we are repairing this wasted city, the desolation of 70 years. We, Your builder, are called priests of the Lord, ministers of our God. 61:7 Intercession City, for your shame you shall receive double honor. 61:8  We thank You, Lord God, that You are directing this work in truth. 61:10 We, Your builders,  greatly rejoice in the Lord, our souls are joyful in our God. 61:11 The Lord is causing righteousness and praise to spring forth from Intercession City.
Isa,62:3 You, Intercession City is a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord and a royal diadem in the hand of our God. 62:4 You are no longer termed Forsaken; neither  your land be termed Desolate: but you, Intercession City, is called Hepzibah (for the Lord delights in you) and your land Beulah (married). We decree this  Land to be a land of prosperity flowing with milk and honey! The Lord delights in you, Oh Intercession City and your land is now married.
62:5 Our God rejoices over you! Matt. 21:13 as He decrees, MY HOUSE, INTERCESSION CITY, SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER!

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