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John Wesley Wile

Owner of the 5,000 acres of land and buildings (Interocean City) sold to Bishop Osie Egland - Household of Faith   

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John Wesley Wile

(1866 - 1951)

John Wesley Wile was a wealthy benefactor who owned the 5,000 acres in Interocean City that was sold to Bishop Osie England of the Household of Faith (Wesleyan Methodist Faith) and Miss. Osie’s orphanage (West Virginia Training School). Mr. J.W. John Wesley Wile first sold it to J.W. White and then repossessed the entire, bankrupt, Interocean City project, that became known as "Florida's Biggest Ghost Town" for 10 years, only to hand it into Miss Osie England's hands. Intercession City's Benefactor's, the Wile's, gave a CITY of 5,000 acres for Christian Schools, a Library, Missions, Senior Citizen Care, the Church. It was one of the largest land deals negotiated in Central Florida at that time (1934-1935). Mr. Wile sold Interocean City and 5,000 acres that was worth one million dollars for $100,000. When $50,000 was paid, he forgave the $50,000 balance.
This wealthy honorable philanthropist from Thornton, Indiana also contributed to other projects. Among his many other philanthropies was the donation of $200,000 for construction of a nurses’ home in Indianapolis in memorial to his father, Jacob E. Wile.
Mr. Wile’s family were originally of the Jewish faith from Germany and converted to Methodism. J.W. Wile’s family attended the Methodist Church in Thorntown, IN.

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