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The Happy Weavers

Many of you may be asking how Wesley and Arabella Weaver became connected to this once beautiful city of God.  It is a long story and we shall capture only a portion of it here.  Actually Arabella and I met in Intercession City by Divine Providence. The full story will be told in our next publication “Unity Marries The Land” by Wesley and Arabella Weaver.

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Wesley (Jimmy) Weaver

I am Wesley James Weaver named after the great Methodist Evangelist John Wesley. My story of Intercession City is relatively new. The story begins during the summer of 2016, when I was 72 years old. After 48 years of marriage my faithful and loving wife Nan departed this earth to be with Jesus in Heaven on March 10, 2016, leaving behind four children, nine grandchildren and myself. I contemplated what was next in my life and began to diligently seek the Lord. I told the Lord that I would stay single and give the rest of my life to Him. I cried out for souls and after reading of great men and women of faith, longed for signs, miracles, healings and revival. In May 2016, the Lord spoke that I would remarry and the following July appeared in a vision just after midnight that He was going to give me what I asked. That same summer after my wife’s departure I was visiting with my sister in Geneva, Alabama. She had inherited our father’s photo album and asked: “Have you ever seen dad’s photo album? I responded: “No, I have never seen my dad’s photos.” I was so fascinated that I scanned the entire album so that I could have my own photo album of my dad. 

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You see, the last time I saw my father was around 1949 when I was five years of age. After that he moved to California and I never saw him since.  He died in California in 1989. For the first time I saw pictures of myself, my mom, dad, brother and sister in  Intercession City when we lived there from 1945 to 1948. Now, I have always heard the story about us living in Intercession City and at the age of three vaguely remember the place but was told I almost died there.  So, all my life until the discovery of my Dad's photo album my thoughts were: Oh, my dad from Marion, Ohio must have been a sucker.  Perhaps he read an ad in the newspaper “Cheap land in Florida” and perhaps bought that 5 acre parcel of mosquito infested land sight unseen.   But that is not what happened.  During the  summer of 2016, I was browsing through my dad’s photo album and I discovered some strange photos I never paid much attention to before.   Several photos show a group of people traveling from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to Intercession City, Florida in 1935.  The automobiles and trucks were from the 1930s.  The captions below the old photos were “Going to Florida on School Bus 1935.  Arrive in Florida from West Virginia 1935.”  Next, came photos of a vacant two story building with archways surrounded by weeds.  And finally a picture of my father, Lawrence Weaver, in front of a palm tree with the caption “First time to Florida 1935.”  I was elated that my dad on most all of his photos had dated and identified each photo.  I looked at the photos of the vacant two story building with arches and read: “Osie England Bible School Intercession City, Florida 1935. Hotel at Intercession City, Florida 1935.” Thoughts flooded my mind: Who in the world is Osie England?  Why was my dad with this group of people and what about the pictures of the hotel and Osie England Bible School?  I began to research the internet to see if I could gather any information. I entered into my search block  Intercession City. It did not take long in discovering Ted LaVigne’s website “Historic Intercession City.” What an eye opener for me. I devoured everything the late historian Ted LaVigne placed on his site about the history of Osie England and Intercession City.  Then I began to piece together the missing story of my father’s life and connection to Osie England and Intercession City. At age 72 I was able  to put together the missing pieces of my early life and that of my father’s life with Osie England from Point Pleasant, West Virginia to Intercession City, Florida, being one of the pioneer famiies. I shall always be thankful and grateful to Ted for his research of Osie England and his posting of the history of Intercession City on his website, without which I would not be where I am today in Intercession City writing this story.  


After discovering Ted LaVigne’s  website during the summer of 2016,  I reached out to him using an email posted on his website.  I never received a response and assumed he was too busy or not interested in my findings and photos of Intercession City.  Unbeknownst to me I was using a discontinued email and Ted never received my inquiry.  The following December, several months later I felt that perhaps I should try again to contact Ted.  With a little research I was able to find a good email address and reached out to him sending him some of the pictures of Intercession City from my dad’s album. I received a response right away and he was elated to see the photos and hear my story. As fellow historians we became close friends. A few weeks later in December  just after Christmas my sister and I visited Ted and he showed us all around Intercession City pointing out  the landmarks and telling the history.

Weasly Bio

Arabella Weaver


Min. Arabella A Weaver, originally born and raised in Ocala, Florida, moved to Gainesville, Florida to complete her Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Florida in Human Resources Development, as well pursued her Master in Divinity from Regent University. Employed by the State of Florida in many capacities, IRS Child Support Enforcement; Guardian ad Litem, Case Coordinator; Eldercare, Volunteer Supervisor; then Director of Social Services at North Florida Healthcare. More recently she married Pas. Wesley J. Weaver from Pensacola, Florida. Wesley and Arabella, have united voices in the ministry to Intercessors across the state of Florida called Rise-Up ONE UNITED VOICE.
Min. Arabella A. Weaver, has loved being in church and talking to God since a very young age. After being saved and receiving the Holy Spirit at age 16, she has fervently pursued the presence of God. Min. Weaver’s first calling will always be intimacy with God in intercession.

The writing of the book, “RISE-UP Intercessors” in 1992, as a global prophetic word to the hearts of Intercessors, present strategies on how to “intercede the perfect will of the Father upon the earth for the return of Christ”. Before her previous husband, Apostle Lorenzo Robinson, went home to be with the Lord in 2013, she received countless prophecies of God’s transference of her husband mantle to her. Her intercession then took a significant turn towards the Apostolic that expands outside the walls of the church, to cities and regions throughout Florida. Min. Weaver moves under a no-nonsense Apostolic deliverance anointing as an Itinerant Speaker, holding Prayer Boot Camps, weekly Conference Call, Prayer Gatherings, Prayer Shut-Ins, Equipping Prayer Teams in churches and all God would assign to her hands. She’s Minister Weaver because she ministers to the needs of all people that some may be saved. I Cor. 9:19-23


Min. Weaver is commissioned by God to raise up prayer teams in churches and cities across the nation wherever called, to set Intercessors and Prayer Warriors free from the chains of the cares of life, from the bondage of the world mentality, and to return once again submitting to the obedience of interceding the perfect will of the Father upon the earth for the return of Christ. She is determined that Intercessors will be free from the distraction of praying only for their needs, but the perfect will of God.Min. Weaver is commissioned by God, to expose, tear down the lies and myths surrounding prayer and intercession…to bombard the gates of hell, setting captives free and to declare the acceptable year of the Lord. She declares, “No more shall the enemy take real prayer and intercession out of the churches and the hearts of God’s people; No more shall the enemy water down the word of God, and steal the victory of God’s people obtained through the blood of Jesus Christ; No more shall the enemy mock and remove testimonies from the ears of generations to come”. God Forbid. No more! It is so, in Jesus name! Min. Arabella A. Weaver, under an Apostolic Intercessors anointing is committed to the obedience of God’s mandate upon her life. Min. Weaver presses forward with the determination to use her over 35 years on the battlefield, to reconciling the world back to God and “Perfect Prayer”, to stir-up Intercessors bringing them to a discipline enduring lifestyle, and to build a sustained presence of God through prayer and intercession until darkness is destroyed…while yet remaining submitted and obedient to the voice of God. She is blessed with five children, seven stepchildren and a host of spiritual children.For Engagements, Equipping of Prayer Teams, Prayer Gatherings, Regional Prayer Convergences, Prayer Boot Camps, ext., Please contact: Min. Arabella A. Weaver, Rise-Up ONE UNITED VOICE, P.O. Box 1073 , Intercession City, FL 33848. email:, (352) 514-9693, or visit us on Facebook.

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