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Intercession City is a real city with real people in the very heart of Florida, founded in 1934 by Bishop Osie England. After her conversion she left her teaching profession to answer God’s call on her life to establish an orphanage and Missionary Training School across the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Miss Osie became a Bishop under her ministry called The Household of Faith. The story becomes more captivating when she seeks a warmer climate for her orphanage in Central Florida and discovers Interocean City, Florida’s biggest ghost town including a beautiful hotel, two story administration buildings, laid out streets and houses that remained vacant on 5,000 acres of land for ten years due to the Great Depression. This mighty woman of Faith purchases the entire property worth one million dollars for $100,000, builds prayer centers, a Bible School and Missionary Training Center and other ministries including a Christian radio station and publication called Defender of the Faith.The Author, Wesley Weaver, takes you on a supernatural journey from past to present to future of this Miracle City – a City of Prayer – the only city in the world named after Intercessors and founded on Intercessory Prayer. An entire city dedicated to prayer 24 hours, 7 days a week at four different locations for thirteen years sending missionaries all over the world and praying in world wide revival. Wesley having discovered in 2016 an old photo album belonging to his father whom he had not seen since age five sets out on a quest to find his roots and his Dad’s connection to Osie England as a pioneer who helped to turn this ghost town into one of Florida’s cleanest and fastest growing cities. Having been away for 70 years, Wesley answers God’s call to return to the city of his childhood and through Divine Providence meets an Intercessor, Arabella, also called to Intercession City. They become married and both set out to re-dig the old wells and dig new wells re-establishing Intercession City as a City of Prayer and to seek God’s vision for the City. Intercession City Lives Again will stir your hunger for revival, renew your passion for prayer and revive your dreams for the call of God on your life. You will be provoked to pray and you will be inspired to Intercede for lost souls and to gather in the world wide harvest, a “Billion Soul Harvest” before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Intercession City Lives Again

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